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I love cheese. So much so that the day I discovered Murray’s Cheese at Kroger, it was kind of like a holiday. Better than some holidays actually. I’ve never been so happy on say, Arbor Day. Because Arbor Day doesn't involve cheese... Read more

Storytelling Reviews


 I wasn’t a first time mom when I had you. Abbey had come five years before you, and so I knew. I knew to expect those long, hazy eyed nights when no one sleeps. I knew to plan for the uncomfortable numbness and inability to bend down for quite some time after the c-section. I knew to buy the diapers with the blue stripe so I’d know when you needed a change...

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Informational Articles


1. Stop using plastic grocery bags. Invest in reusable bags to take with you. Some stores even give you a credit of up to .5 for each bag you bring (each time).

And don't just stop at the grocery bags! I recently purchased these mesh produce bags, and I love them. Stop putting your (very expensive!) organic food into plastic bags... Read More

Press Releases


Grosse Pointe, MI - The local entrepreneurs group The Grosse Pointe Mompreneurs are thrilled to announce their expansion, and Informational Meet and Greet scheduled for March 12, 2015.

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At the close of the 2018-19 school year, Trombly Elementary School parents and families were looking for a special way to honor their principal, Mr. Walt Fitzpatrick, for his 25 years of service to the district. 

It was  Jennifer Tabaczuk who suggested a donation to the GPFPE, and with the help of Andrea Daniell, the pair was able to raise $2,000 in a little more than a week.

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Non Fiction


The heavy hatch door slammed down with a heart-skipping thud, sending the tightly packed engine room into complete darkness. To say I was claustrophobic before is an understatement -- in that moment, I thought I might actually stop breathing if I didn't focus on the act hard enough.

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